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SAZAS Society k.o.

SAZAS Society k.o. is a collective management organisation for the protection and promotion of musical authors' rights in Slovenia. SAZAS connects authors' creativeness with publics – music users, collects royalties for the public use of music within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, distributes the collected royalties to authors or right holders and promotes authors creativeness in music. SAZAS works for the best benefit of all stakeholders: (1) composers, authors and right holders; (2) music users (3) society.

It is a not for profit organisation, established in 1993 by the Slovenian musical authors. As a collective management organisation operates since March 12th, 1998 when the state authorisation was issued by the Intellectual Property Office of Slovenia (SIPO) – SIPO’s authorisation no. 800-3/96 for collective management of authors’ rights in music, covering:

  • Performing rights
  • Mechanical author’s rights and
  • For the distribution of private copying levies.

SAZAS is a full member of CISAC – International Confederation of Societies of Composers and Authors since 1996 and BIEM – International organisation representing mechanical rights societies since 2003 and has established fruitful cooperation with collective management organisations all over the globe with 80+ reciprocal representation agreements.

More about SAZAS’ activities and up-to-date news from the collective management could be reached at AKTUALNO (unfortunately, only available in SI language).

Contact us

General information: [email protected] | T: +386 1 423 8110
Address: Špruha 19, 1236 Trzin, EU-Slovenia

Composers, authors: 080 46 38
Users: 080 64 39

Statute and SAZAS Society k.o. Policy in English

  SAZAS Society k.o. Statute (adopted at the General Assembly in June 2018.)

Distribution Rules

SAZAS Society k.o. Policy

as adopted at the General Assembly in October 2017 to adjust its operating activities with the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZKUASP):

SAZAS' advanced use of RA monitoring data: Slotop50 Charts – get the app!

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